Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ronald McDonald House Visit - Elaine Zuo

After months of attempting to secure a spot, Cara Cugley and I were finally able to represent Rotaract Philly in volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House last Sunday. As we walked into the kitchen, we noted the spread of desserts already lined up on the countertop and the warm smiles of the staff. Joined by a member of Penn APO, we began work immediately on a dessert recipe Cara had learned from her time at FreshEx- fruit trifle. Although there was no baking involved in our sweet treat, we still made ample use of Ronald McDonald's kitchen resources. Volunteers from Temple and other organizations around Philly started trickling in as we sliced strawberries, bananas and angel food cake, increasing the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. Our finished product consisted of layers of fruit and angel food cake, separated by thin layers of cream.

While we waited for other volunteers to complete their cooking, we were given an extensive tour of the Ronald McDonald House. I was impressed by the history of the house, especially the fact that the very first house was created in Philadelphia. The facilities of the house showed the charity's dedication to creating a supportive environment for the sick children it housed, from providing a computer lounge to laundry to a large play area.

We then sat down with the other volunteers and the families staying at the house to enjoy a delicious dinner. The volunteers had worked hard to create an array of scrumptious foods that were appreciated by all. We were happy to find that our dessert was a hit, and scrambled to taste some for ourselves. After dinner, we washed dishes and helped clean up the kitchen before bidding the staff goodbye. Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House was a wonderful experience, and I would definitely recommend it and go again.